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King Salmon Alaska

King Salmon Alaska - Host Paul Worsteling thinks its pretty cool to be staying in a place thats called King Salmon. He's flown all the way from Australia to the heart of Alaska and he, Cristy and Jet are lodging on the Alagnak River. It's rammed full of fish. On the first morning he's out with guide Jacob McGee on a lovely bend in the river, where the slack water next to a sandbank attracts a shoal of Chum Salmon, they're a few weeks from spawning so have started to change colour, giving them the nickname "Zombie" or "Zebra" Chum. A few hundred yards up river and the colder water of an inlet attracts Arctic Char, they're feeding on salmons eggs, so choosing a bait is easy. Paul and Jet then head out after King Salmon or Chinook, they're very easy to spot in the water as their bodies are bright red. They are the largest of the Pacific Salmon and can grow to over 45kg. For a small diversion Paul joins a fellow Aussie traveller on a short walk to a nearby lake, the "Hike for Pike", and they're not disappointed as the king of freshwater predators is there in numbers.

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