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This series features  12 feature length instructional fly fishing films with legends such as Lefty Kreh, Bob Clouser, Cathy and Barry Beck and saltwater fly fishing expert, Bob Popovics. As well as being excellent fly anglers, these legends were also expert fly tiers with a host of well known patterns in their repetoires. They'll teach you how to tie and fish with some of these stunning fly patterns plus you'll learn beginner and advanced fly casting from top fly fishing instructor Lefty Kreh . These films were shot in the early 2000's and therefore provided in Standard Definition only.

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With over 50 years behind the vise each, Lefty Kreh and Bob Clouser are true fly tying masters and in this film share some of ther best fly tying tips. They've both invented iconic flies and have refined their techniques to a very high standard. They impart their expert knowledge talking us through the various tools they use and specific techniques that can be used across many patterns. From dealing with materials correctly to tying whip finishes, this film is packed full of handy tips to improve your fly tying whether you're a total beginner or expert. To watch, just login or register
Fly fishing for bass is presented by two American fly fishing legends and good friends, Lefty Kreh and Bob Clouser. In mid summer when the water levels are lower and the water clearer, you'l find the perfect conditions to pick up the fly rod and try for smallmouth or largemouth bass. As Lefty and Bob explain, the fly rod can sometimes offers some distinct advantages over lure gear, particularly in presenting the fly accurately in small gaps between lily pads. They talk through their preferred rods, lines, leaders and flies including the world famous 'Lefty's Deceiver'. Next the guys discuss the retrieves they use for bass including Bob's 'Susquehanna Strip' which he believes hugely increases his catch rate. This excellent film is a treasure trove of useful tips and tactics to help you succeed when fly fishing for bass from two of the most knowledgable fly anglers that have ever lived. To watch this film, just login or register
Lefty Kreh was a walking talking encyclopedia of fly fishing knowledge and in this film, he reveals a treasure trove of useful fly fishing tips which will help beginners, novices and more experienced fly anglers alike. Lefty covers everything you could imagine in this film, from selecting rods to dealing with knots in your line when playing fish, to the importance of sharpening your hooks. Lefty Kreh demystifies fly fishing and explains exactly why he does what he does. Even if you do many of these things already, there's almost certainly some things here that will improve your fly fishing performance. To watch this film, login or register
Lefty Kreh is joined by Heather Templeton in this film about fly casting. Lefty goes through the fundamentals of good fly casting including stance, rod grip, lifting and loading the rod. After demonstrating the main principles that he applies to his casting, Lefty then goes through various casts and when and where he'd use them. Lefty starts with a simple roll cast which is essential if you have any obstructions behind you followed by a distance roll cast which can be achieved with a little more room available. He then goes to demonstrate double hauls and a range of other useful casts. This is a great video for all beginners and more experienced fly casters from the master of fly casting, Lefty Kreh. To watch, login or register
Lefty Kreh is rightly regarded as a true pioneer and legend in the world of US  fly fishing. He started fly fishing in 1947 and has since taught and inspired thousands of anglers to fly fish through his books, articles, videos and through personal tuition. The skills and techniques he developed in forging his career as a professional fly angler are as relevant today as ever. Lefty was especially passionate about saltwater fly fishing and invented the world renowned Lefty's Deceiver fly. In this film, Lefty shows you how you can introduce others to fly fishing and teaches you how to teach them to fly cast. You'll learn how to identify poor technique and common mistakes and Lefty will actually teach you how to cast badly so you can see the kind of issues beginners encounter such as tailing loops. Watching this film, shows just what a great fly casting instructor Lefty Kreh really was and can hopefully inspire you to introduce new people to the sport. Running Time: 72 mins To watch this film, just login or register
Lefty Kreh and Bob Clouser are on the fly tying bench together and showing us some deadly saltwater and freshwater flies. They start by demonstrating bend back flies with Bob showing how he ties a Bendback Clouser. Next its Bucktail Deceivers, which are easy to tie and which look fantastic in the water. Despite being quite large flies, this pattern is lightweight and therefore can be cast using 8 or 9 weight rods. It can be used effectively for saltwater species like snook, tarpon and redfish as well as Northern Pike in freshwater and in smaller sizes for largemouth and smallmouth bass. Lefty and Bob then tie classic versions of their two most famous patterns, Bob's Clouser Minnow and Lefty's Deceiver and discuss how many variations can be made once the style is mastered. Bob then shows us the Maxi Minnow which can be 6-9 inches long which is sometimes crucial to attract larger fish, whilst Lefty's shows us the Hackle Fly, a classic bass pattern. We watch Bob tie his BP Clouser tied on a smaller hook which is fantastic for bonefish before Lefty discusses Popping Bugs which are excellent in both freshwater and saltwater and then shows us how he makes a popping bug from scratch. Finally, Bob and Lefty demonstrate the Half and Half, which guessed it, half Clouser Minnow and half Lefty's Deceiver. Tying Flies that Catch Fish is a timeless instructional video as you can be pretty sure that the patterns invented by these two, will be catching fish for eternity. To watch this film, just login or register
Bob Clouser presents this in depth film about his most famous fly, the Clouser Minnow. Although known primarily as a saltwater pattern, the fly also works equally well in freshwater especially when fishing for smallmouth and largemouth bass. Bob explains how and why he first invented the fly, before taking us through the materials needed to tie the perfect Clouser Minnow before expertly tying the pattern for us.  Bob then hits the water, and shows us the various retrieves that you should use to get the best action out of the fly and entice takes. Returning to the bench, Bob shows us some variations of the fly including tying a rattling version as an extra attractor for bass and adding a weed guard to the pattern. This is a brilliant film by the man who created one of the most famous flies ever invented and which now sits in the fly boxes of almost every saltwater fly angler. To watch, just login or register now
Bob Popovics is a renowned fly angler, fly tier and fly fishing writer. He is best known for his revolutionary work in the development of saltwater fly patterns especially those involving epoxy and silicone such as his famous, Surf Candy fly. In this film, Bob demonstrates a host of different saltwater patterns starting with a fantastic looking shrimp fly that he uses for Striped Bass. His Surf Candy is well known and in this film, Bob ties a couple of  variants, the Deep Candy which incorporates a weighted bead to get the fly down, and the Rubber Candy. Finally Bob shows us the Shady Lady Squid which he ties on monofilament using an innovative technique of suspending line the between two vises. Its not hard to see why Bob Popovics is regarded as a true fly tying master after watching this film...enjoy! To watch login or register  
Saltwater fly fishing supremo, Bob Popovics shows us how to tie and fish 3 of his best saltwater patterns. First up is his classic, Surf Candy which features an epoxy head and therefore offres a good deal of durability when fishing for toothy saltwater species like Bluefish and Striped Bass. Bob then ties the Bobs Banger, a popper pattern which features an interchangable head system so that you can adapt the fly as conditions dictate. Finally Bob, ties his Siliclone pattern which uses silicone instead of epoxy to add strength and durability to the fly.    
Fly Fishing For Trout is brought to you by Barry and Cathy Beck who have been teaching and inspiring people to fly fish for over 40 years. This 70 min film is aimed at the beginner fly angler and takes us through fly casting, tackle, clothing, fly selection and setting up plus the right tactics to help you get started on your fly fishing journey. Barry also demonstrates how to cover fish, hook and correctly fight and release them. Barry and Cathy Beck live in Pensylvannia, a state rich in excellent trout streams and they have a wealth of knowledge to help you start river fly fishing for trout. This film is in Standard Definition To watch, just login or register now
The Mayfly is one of the most celebrated insects amongst fly anglers around the world and mainly because their annual hatch invariably triggers a frenzy from trout and grayling. This upwinged insect has an incredible lifecycle.....after living in the river as a nymph for a year, its life ends 24hrs later as it falls to the river to lay its eggs and start the cycle again.  This final 24hr period is crucial to trout as they intercept the Mayfly as it leaves the river bed, swims to the surface, hatches and then lands again several hours later. Fly fishing expert, Barry Beck talks us through the various stages of the Mayfly before demonstrating tying the imitations he likes to use. After each tying of the nymph, emerger, dun and spinner, Barry takes to the river and shows how he fishes these patterns and proves how well they work. To watch, login or register
Husband and wife team, Barry and Cathy Beck present Practical Fly Casting, whch will help beginners undertand the basic principles of fly casting and how to apply them to fishing siutations. Cathy emphasises the importance of practicing on grass initially introducing the various mechanics of the cast including loop control, line speed, false casting, presentation casts and line pick up. Back on the water, Barry shows how to deliver the line delicately and how to pay slack into the cast and mend the line to avoid drag. Next, Cathy demonstrates shooting line for extra distance and then double hauling which can also help with distance and casting in windy conditions. Practical Fly Casting  is an excellent film for newcomers to the sport that will show them how to use various casts in practical situations. To watch, login or register


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