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Fly Fishing for Bass

Fly fishing for bass is presented by two American fly fishing legends and good friends, Lefty Kreh and Bob Clouser. In mid summer when the water levels are lower and the water clearer, you'l find the perfect conditions to pick up the fly rod and try for smallmouth or largemouth bass. As Lefty and Bob explain, the fly rod can sometimes offers some distinct advantages over lure gear, particularly in presenting the fly accurately in small gaps between lily pads. They talk through their preferred rods, lines, leaders and flies including the world famous 'Lefty's Deceiver'. Next the guys discuss the retrieves they use for bass including Bob's 'Susquehanna Strip' which he believes hugely increases his catch rate. This excellent film is a treasure trove of useful tips and tactics to help you succeed when fly fishing for bass from two of the most knowledgable fly anglers that have ever lived. To watch this film, just login or register

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