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As you probably know, we’ve been on the hunt for this year’s Carp Wars rookie to follow in the footsteps of last year’s surprise winner Harry Pratt.

Like an old gravel pit in Essex, we’ve been overrun with carpers of all ages, all desperate to take part in the next series, which will air later this year on Sky Sports and Fishing TV. 

However, the competition was so strong that the team were only able to whittle it down to a shortlist of four. Beyond that the debate started getting heated, and to avoid fisticuffs in the office we decide that there was only one way forward.

And so “THE ELIMINATOR” was born. We’ve chosen the four strongest entries, and we’re throwing them all into a snake pit for a fight to the deat-  SORRY, we’re throwing them all into an 8 hour match to see who comes out on top.

We’ll then judge them on criteria like fishing abilty, watercraft, character, personality and ability to explain their tactics before choosing a winner.


THE ELIMINATOR will be aired on Sky Sports and FishingTV later this summer.


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