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Mending the Line

A stunningly moving film about 90-year-old World War II veteran Frank Moore returning to Normandy, some 70 years after he first went there as a part of the US Army in 1944, this time with a very different goal: to catch a salmon from the Normandy stream that he once crossed as a soldier. Fishing evokes all kinds of emotions - joy, frustration, elation to name just three - but this film is about more than fishing: it is about tenacity, and how even the terrors of war can't quash that part of an angler's soul that leaps when they see a new stretch of water. It is about remembrance, and how even the bleakest times can give rise to something truly special. In this instance, the feelings that fishing brings to the surface are ones of admiration, astonishment even, at the strength of the human spirit, and the power of fishing to help people through even the darkest times. Above all this is a study of the eternal, unconditional love that is shared by Frank and his wife Jeanne, and the strength that this gives them both.

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5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)
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Wonderful story of a WWII veteran and his love for fly fishing.

16th May 2023

Wow what a beautiful heart warming story of a Veteran is love for his wife and the sport of fly fishing. As a Veteran myself I have to say I had a little water leak in my eye while watching this film. Awesome photography, great story. I need to share with my fellow Project Healing Waters members.

David Veilleux

A heartwarming tale, very well done.

2nd March 2023

At beautiful story and beautiful film work.


Heart string well and truly pulled!

24th May 2022

Typical excellent cinematography.

What a couple these 2 are and an incredible vet.

Watch without distraction, immerse yourself in this one. An epic story of an epic journey.

Jimmy Ion

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