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Fly Fishing for Triggerfish

from WildFly

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With plenty of different fish to target when fly fishing on the saltwater flats, there's one in particular that can test many of the fly anglers skills and that is the Triggerfish. It requires a stealthy approach, accurate casting, a gentle presentation and a good deal of patience as flies are often ignored. Their appearance also belies their performance as these strange looking fish of which there are 40 known species, can put up an amazing fight. Gareth's first encounter with one on St Francois results in him chasing it down the flats only for the fish to wrap him around a rock, but the guide is quick to react and Gareth is soon holding his first ever Trigger. Triggerfish predominantly feed on crustaceans on the coral flats so crab patterns are commonly used but you do need to bring lots of them as break offs and fly damage are par for the course as Gareth soon finds out. Fly fishing for Triggerfish offers an exciting and different challenge to the saltwater fly angler and the islands of Alphonse and St Francois in the Seychelles are world class destinations for them as you'll soon find out in this episode. To watch just login or register


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