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Yucatan Anglers TV – Series 2

Yucatan Anglers TV host Randy Bowser is based in Progreso on the Gulf Coast of Mexico and there's nothing he likes better than to hook up with a few friends and spend a day lure fishing for the giant Snook and Tarpon that can be found in his local waters. During the series he visits a number of locations in Yucatan, each offering a variety of fishing opportunities. Randy's expert knowledge and boundless energy means that there are plenty of great lure fishing tips and a load of exciting big fish action. He's also pretty good at cooking what he catches as well.

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Watch Yucatan Pier Fishing with host Randy Bowser showing how much fun can be had from shore fishing off your local pier. In this case his home town of Progresso on the Gulf of Mexico offers the ideal opportunity. There's a variety of species to be caught but he's after a large Snook. He also meets up with a few local officials for a spot of boat fishing in the harbour and a chance to find out how the conservation work they are promoting is clearing up the area and improving the fishing opportunities. To watch Yucatan Pier Fishing now, just login or register
This Tarpon Catchin' Collection contains some of the best action that Randy and his team have enjoyed over the past few sessions. Monster Tarpon are numerous in the harbour area of Progresso, on the Gulf Coast of Mexico, probably attracted to all the fishy by-products discarded by the local fishermen, so Randy regularly makes this the number one spot when he has a guest in his boat, with spectacular results. Tarpon always put up a massive fight, especially when lightweight tackle is being used and here we see a few that got away as well as some of Randy's classic catches. To watch Tarpon Catchin' Collection now, just login or register
Inshore Tarpon Fishing features Yucatan Angling host Randy Bowser fishing a couple of locations on the Gulf of Mexico for Tarpon. First up he's in the harbour waters of his home town, Progresso where he and a couple of mates are casting their lures at the huge group of Tarpon feeding on the scraps thrown in by the commercial fishermen processing their catch. Next up he travels along the coast to Sisal which again provides rich inshore waters full of the magical silver beast. Tarpon and Snook are commonly found in the waters of Yucatan and provide exhilarating sport. To watch Inshore Tarpon Fishing now, just login or register
Watch Snook Fishing Celestun featuring host Randy Bowser who invites old friend Javier Ayala to join him for a couple of days lure fishing around Celestun on the Gulf Coast of Mexico. Hooking up with a local guide, they start off by trawling round the marina looking for the Snook and Tarpon which can be found feeding around the moored-up boats. Then they're off to try new waters at Isla Arena, will that hold even bigger fish? Randy's non stop enthusiasm and expertise means there are plenty of fish to see. To watch Snook Fishing Celestun now, just login or register
Found on the Gulf Coast of Mexico, The Isla Arena is also known as the "Island of Tarpon" and for a pretty good reason. It is one of the best locations in the world to find these magnificent silver monsters. Host Randy Bowser enjoys a two day trip to this amazing location, gently travelling the channels through the mangroves and out into the open lagoon. Guided on to a huge pod of Tarpon, Randy enjoys a personal record number of hook ups. He doesn't net them all but as he says "The tug is the drug". To watch Isla Arena - Island of Tarpon now, just login or register
The unspoilt mangroves that form the coast at Dzilam de Bravo on the Gulf Coast of Mexico provide the perfect waters for a huge variety of species and its here that host Randy Bowser and his wife Jennifer spend a couple of days navigating the small, shallow rias or channels that splinter off the main lagoons. Using some of his favourite lures Randy has a great session bagging Amberjacks, Barracuda, Sea Trout and Snook, nothing massive this time, but all putting up a terrific fight on lightweight gear. To watch Fishing the Rias of Dzilam de Bravo now, just login or register
The Fishin' Musician in question is Canadian Ken Lucier, who is the bassist with the Scott Szeryk Manifesto. They provide all the music for Yucatan Anglers TV. He's visiting Progresso, on Mexico's Gulf Coast and hooks up with Randy for a days fishing. They start off in the harbour looking for Tarpon using a combination of freshly caught sardines and rubber lures. And then its out to the Ria to see if Ken can catch some Speckled Sea Trout for his dinner. Randy rounds off the show with his wife Jen catching four mighty Tarpon in the harbour. Considering she has muscular dystrophy and is wheelchair bound, this is no mean feat. To watch Fishin' Musician now, just login or register


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