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Just Fishin’

In this vintage series of Just Fishin, host Chris Sandford visits some of the most highly regarded fresh water fishing locations in the country, and the world. Whether it's fly fishing for enormous King Salmon in remote Alaska, stalking big Carp on private lakes or just enjoying a relaxing day on the bank chasing little roach, there's always a fish to be caught. With the expert guidance of fishing legends like Chris Yates, Adam Penning and Keith Arthur, this season lands Chris some of the best fish of his career.
In this premiere episode to a classic season of Just Fishing, Chris Sandford heads to Oxfordshire for a picturesque Carp and Tench session in the capable hands of Peter Drennan and Adam Penning. The old estate lake is one of the most exclusive and famous waters in southern England, owned and operated by tackle mogul Peter Drennan. After a rundown of some of Peter’s favourite creations, Chris begins working the float past the hungry Rudd to the big boys down below. After a big fish is landed up the bank, Chris hooks up with now carping legend Adam Penning for a lesson in big pellet rigs, before sneaking off to stalk monsters in one of the tightest swims Chris has ever attempted to fish. This is quintessential English angling.
Chris Sandford goes international in this episode of Just Fishing, braving a big Alaska river in pursuit of hard fighting Pacific Chum and Sockeye Salmon. When it comes to fly fishing, southwest Alaska is about as good as it gets, particularly on the Kanektok when these massive migrations of Salmon push up to spawn. Guided by local legend ‘Rhino’, Chris opts for a more delicate single-handed approach, and begins working the deeper pools in search of aggressive Chum. After great sport, the duo moves upstream, where Rhino claims there’s a pool brimming with the Chum’s bigger cousin, the Silver Sockeye.
In this action-packed episode of Just Fishing, Chris Sandford visits his home water, the River Rother in Sussex, to sample an array of species. Chris may know the river well but having a legend like Keith Arthur on hand can’t hurt. Famous for its Trout stocks, the Rother also boast a good head of coarse fish, so the pair begin with some exploratory float fishing for Roach in the Weir pool. After Chris sneaks off in search of Pike, Keith has a go at ledgering for big Chub with some ultra-vintage cane rods. As the day comes to a close, the famous dry fly Trout fishing becomes too difficult to resist. As usual, Keith quickly proves he’s got golden appendages when he hooks into one of the biggest Trout Chris has ever seen on the river.
Chris Sandford breaks out a fly rod in this episode of Just Fishing, as he gets the chance to visit two of England’s best still water Trout fisheries in Mayfly season. Chris travels to Albury in Surrey to meet up with his old instructor and famous fly fisher Peter Cockwill at his beautiful Vale End Fishery. While they wait for the all-important hatch, Chris tries imitating the larval stage of the Mayfly with weighted Nymphs. After expert fly maker Tony Hearn get’s Chris ready for the afternoon, Peter spots a gigantic Brown Trout sipping the surface and prepares for a back breaking battle. As the evening draws on, the duo moves to the legendary banks of Avington Trout Fishery, using stalking bugs to hunt down the record breaking 31-pound Rainbow named Brian that lurks beneath the surface.
Host Chris Sandford is once again on the Kanektok River in remote Alaska in this episode of Just Fishing, where he gets the privilege of targeting the mighty King Salmon on the fly. The largest of the pacific species, King or Chinook Salmon have been known to grow close to 100 pounds in weight, so guide Brad Duncan comes bearing heavy duty tackle. After motorboating downstream to the renowned Bearskin pool, Chris quickly puts the heavy tackle to the test as he immediately hooks into a King. It doesn’t take long for our host to realise that these monsters are far easier to hook than to land, as Brad’s forced to fire up the boat and give chase to one of the biggest Salmon Chris has ever seen.
In this two-part episode, Chris Sandford tries his hand fly fishing for Pike in Scotland, before joining the legendary Chris Yates chasing coarse fish on the River Thames. Up north in bonnie Scotland, fly fishing for Pike is just starting to gain popularity, and there’s nowhere more beautiful to test it out than the Trossachs National Park. Local expert Barry Duffy shows Chris his extensive self-tied lure collection, which prove their value with some quality specimens. Down on the River Thames, Chris joins fishing royalty in the form of Chris Yates and Roger Barnes in pursuit of Perch, Chub and Pike from the boat.
Host Chris Sandford visits the River Kennet to fish for big Barbel, before joining friend of the show Keith Arthur down on the River Rother for some old school float fishing for silvers. The Kennet is legendary among Barbel anglers, as is Chris’s guide Nigel Botherway. While Chris relaxes on the bank, Nigel gets soaking wet in pursuit of the perfect spot where he believes these spooky fish will be hiding. On the Rother, Keith and Chris get back to their roots fishing for Gudgeon, Roach, Dace, Perch and Trout with the old schoolboy weapon of choice, the whip pole.
In this episode of Just fishing, host Chris Sandford stays close to home in Syon Park, a haven of fly fishers in the middle of urban London to seek out some big Rainbow Trout. It’s early season in March and the fish are difficult to catch, so Chris enlists the help of local angler Neil Freeman to navigate this unusual moat lake. After success fishing nymphs deep down, the show visits a vintage tackle auction down the road, where it just so happens Neil is the auctioneer. The Trout may have been big, but Chris ends the day with a real monster…
Chris Sandford is once again exploring Alaska’s Kanektok River in this episode of Just Fishing, where some special species of Trout and Grayling are known to thrive. Chris is joined by friend of the show Peter Cockwill, who knows the Kanektok well thanks to his guide Kirk. After walking through some of the unique Alaskan mouse flies he likes to use, captain Kirk moves the crew upstream to where these Leopard Trout live. A more colourful and spottier variant of Rainbow Trout, Leopards are also more aggressive, as Chris soon discovers. Next up, Peter gets a chance to fish light tackle for his favourite fish, the beautiful Arctic Grayling. As if it couldn’t get any better, the day ends when a rare and beautiful Arctic Char takes the fly.
Chris Sandford visits the mecca of UK chalk streams in this episode of Just Fishing, as he tries his hand fly fishing for wild Brown and Rainbow Trout. The River Test near Stockbridge in Hampshire is famous among anglers, made clear as Chris spots a swarm of massive trout swimming through the town centre. Chris meets up with local legendary gillie Jim on the hallowed ginger beer beat. After a few words of wisdom, Jim imparts his meticulous techniques of how to stalk these nervous fish with tiny nymphs. Later, they move into the slightly faster water where Jim thinks a bigger specimen should be hiding. Low and behold, a bigger example of the rare resident Rainbows shows itself…


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