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Fins & Skins – Series 1

Welcome to Series 1 of Fins and Skins, where host Henry Waszczuk takes on various entertainment and sporting celebrities in a combined fishing and golf match. The first part of the show is the fishing bit where contestants try and build a handy points lead as their scores will be converted to strokes for the golf part of the match. As well as an excellent angler, Henry is no slouch at golf either and as well as some excellent fishing, you'll see some pretty good golf shots too. The fishing covers both saltwater and freshwater challenges and with locations selected for having great fishing and great golf. Each episode provides some useful fishing tips from Henry and we take an in depth look at each guest's successful careers. This is a unique format for a fishing show and is enjoyable to watch.

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In this episode of Fins and Skins, we get a real taste for show with some of the highlights of the series. We find out how the series came about by matching great fishing locations from around the States and beyond and matching them with some of the best golf courses in the vacinity. You'll see some of the best fish caught by Henry's celebrity guests including a nice Bonefish from figure skating champion Jennifer Robinson, a massive Snook from Todd Eldredge and magician Shawn Faruqar with a lovely Dorado. Henry has over 25 years experience in preseenting fishing tv shows and a wealth of knowledge that he imparts in every episode with his tip of the day and today's tip is about transporting rods. We'll then take a look at some of the best gold shots and putts that Henry and his celebrity guests have made over the series. To watch this FREE episode just login or join
Host Henry Waszczuk is on Florida's south west Gulf Coast for this fishing and golf match up. He's up against fellow ex pro footballer, Tampa Bay Buccaneer Ian Beckles. They are staying at the St Pete's Beach resort that boasts some fantastic offshore fishing for a wide variety of species, but here Henry and Ian are targeting Amberjack. There are 2 points awarded for each AJ and a bonus of 3 points for the biggest fish of the day. Ian gets those linebacker arm muscles working first with a great looking 36 inch catch, but then Henry replies with one an inch longer. The guys are using Blue Runners as live bait on circle hooks and they share a load more fish, including a memorable double hook up, but it's Henry who takes a narrow points lead into the golf match. The Isla Del Sol course is very picturesque, surrounded by the Inter Coastal waterway and has plenty of its own water hazards to negotiate. aIan and Henry have similar handicaps, so it proves to be a tight match. To watch Amberjack with Ian Beckles now, just login or join
In this episode of Fins and Skins host Henry Waszczuk is taking on 2007 Bassmaster Champion, Boyd Duckett in a bass fishing and golf challenge in Texas. Boyd with 4 major professional Bass fishing titles and over $1.7m in career earnings, is also a low handicap golfer so Henry is going to have his work cut out to win this one. They'll be fishing on Lake Amistad, in Del Rio, a large lake on the Mexican border and a renowned Largemouth Bass hotspot. The rules are pretty simple, 1 point for each Bass and the guy with the biggest Bass has control of the electric motor on the front of the boat and first cast. Points are then converted to strokes from the gross score. Out on the water, and its Henry who strikes first with a cracking 7lb Largemouth Bass...what a start! Boyd takes some time out to talk about swimbaits, how to fish them correctly and why they are so irresistible to Bass. Back to the action and Boyd is soon into a healthy lead but Henry keeps pegging him back and this match is closer than we'd think. But as we go into the golf match, Boyd does have a lead and Henry is going to have to play the round of his life to pull this one out of the bag. To watch just login or join
Henry is joined by award winning actress, Jane Seymour in Punta Mita on the Pacific coast of  Mexico for another fishing and golf challenge. The rules for today's contest are based on weight, with each fish under 5lbs worth 2 points with 4 points for fish over 5lbs. Jane is allowed the first 3 hook ups and a 1 stroke advantage on all holes except par 3's on the golf course. Jane is off to a great start as she hooks and lands hard fighting and stunning looking Rock Snapper. Afer Jane catches another small jack, before hooking another nice Snapper which is lost at the boat. Henry then gets into the action with a good fish before we take a break and look at Jane's incredible career. As we move to the golf, its neck and neck with just 1 point separating them so its all to play for on the greens. Who will wak away with the honours in this fishing and golf challenge from Mexico. To watch just login or join
In this Fins & Skins Classic Adventure Henry takes on Canadian Olympic icehockey goaltender Sami Jo Small. They are on the Grand River at Brantford near Toronto which is packed full of Smallmouth Bass. Henry's got his work cut out as Sami Jo first started fishing with her dad when she was just 5 years old and she's getting a bit of help from local guide and expert Ken Collins, he's got a great tip for using an indicator to make sure your nymph is sitting in the right part of the current and it works as Sami Jo is first into a Smally. Its 1 point for a bass under 12" and 2 points for any over with a bonus of 5 points for the largest bass and the two have a bumper session catching tonnes of bass, although Sami Jo caught the largest fish, Henry takes a slight points advantage into the golf match. This takes place at the Brantford Golf and Country Club, the 4th oldest golf club in North America which sits in an elevated location with great views down to the Grand River. To watch this video now, just login or join
Henry is hosting fellow Canadian Football League star, Danny Mcmanus, widely regarded as one of the best ever Quarterbacks in the CFL, and in this episode they'll be targetting the mighty Tarpon in Puerto Rica. They'll take it in turns to fish and Tarpon under 50lb will count for  5 points, over 50lbs and its 10. The biggest fish will get an extra 5 points before the points are tallied and converted to strokes for the golf match. Danny gets the ball rolling and a strong Tarpon gives him a nice workout and an early lead in the match. Karim Chaar, the skipper shows us some handy tips for the best way to attach live baits to your hook when targetting Tarpon. As the rain starts, Danny gets into another hard fighting Tarpon and lands it after another brutal fight. Henry then hooks into a big Tarpon which makes some spectacular leaps out of the water. A long fight ensues before Henry lands his 5th biggest ever Tarpon....what a fish! We take a look at Danny's career before the scores are tallied and the pair head to the golf course. Henry's ahead but Danny is a fine golf player so the match is definitely up for grabs. To watch just login or join
Henry takes on Doug Carrick this week, a renowned golf course architect who has designed courses all over the world. For now the golf will have to wait as first up is the fishing part of the contest and today the target species is Salmon and they're in Georgia Bay, Owen Sound, North West of Toronto. There's 2 points for salmon under 10lbs, points for fish over 10lbs and 5 bonus points for the biggest fish with the total points converted to strokes before the golf match at Cobble Beach Golf Club. Its a great start for Doug as he lands a fish around 5lbs before Henry strikes back with a much better Salmon. As we go into the golf match, Henry has a slight points advantage which he'll need as Doug, as you'd expect is an excellent golfer and they're playing on a course he designed. Find out who wins in the final episode of the series. To watch just login or join
Henry's back in his home waters of Charlotte Harbour and will be up against, 6 times national Figure Skating and former World Champion, Todd Eldredge in another fishing and golf challenge on the Florida flats. The rules are simple, 1 point for Sea Trout, Grouper or Jacks and 2 points for Snook and Redfish with the biggest fish of the day getting 5 bonus points. Total points are then subtracted from the gross golf score. Todd with less fishing experience, will get the first cast at each location, and takes advantage straight away with a small Snook brought to the boat. He soon gets a nice Speckled Sea Trout and has a handy lead. As they drift along the harbour, Henry spots a big Snook lying directly under the props of a boat and Tood delivers the perfect cast to hook it. Henry is delighted that his guest has caught such a beauty even though its put him in serious trouble in the competition. More fish come to the boat including Snook, Catfish and Grouper before we take a look at Todd's dazzling skating career. With the fishing done and dusted, the scores are tallied and its on to the golf course. Who will win the final honours in this exciting episode of Fins and Skins from the Florida Flats. To watch just login or join
In this episode of Fins & Skins Classic Adventures host Henry Waszczuk heads west to Kamloops, BC in the Canadian Rockies for a Trout on the Fly match up against Richard Zokol. Richard is an ex-pro golfer having won on the PGA tour, so Henry will need to build up a big lead on the trout lake before they head to the course. Henry warms up his casting arm by joining local guide Mike Porco on one of the 100 lakes in the area holding Rainbows. These Rocky Rainbows have very distinctive markings with a vivid pink band along each flank. The match with Richard takes place on one of the resort lakes, with the guys fishing from the bank. Its 1 point for each Rainbow landed and a bonus 3 points for the largest fish. Can Henry build up that lead that he needs? As not only is he taking on a pro golfer, they're playing at Sagebrush Golf & Sporting Club, on the course that Richard actually designed himself. Talk about home advantage. To watch this Trout on the Fly with Richard Zokol, just login or join
Henry is joined in this episode by Canadian country music star Larry Berrio, they are in the nation's capital, Ottawa for a Fins & Skins match up, which starts with them fishing for Muskie. This takes place on Ottawa River, which at almost 800 miles long is renowned as one of the top 3 Muskie rivers in the world. There are 2 points awarded for any Muskie under 40" and 5 points for any over this, with a bonus 3 points for the longest fish. But the Muskie is known as 'the fish of 10,000 casts' so they aren't expecting to take many points forward into the deciding golf match. The world record Muskie is actually just over 60" and Henry has some great tips for the choice of lure when targeting these monster predators. Larry is not a bad golfer so their match over the Marshes Golf Club is a close call, being decided on the final green. To watch Canadian Muskie with Larry Berrio now, just login or join
Henry is in Cabo San Lucas, on the Baha Penninsular in Mexico, fishing with Shawn Farquhar, a two time World Champion magician and keen angler.  The waters here are rich with big game, predator species like Marlin and Dorado and these will be the focus of their fishing, whilst the world class golf course with its slick greens will keep the pair on their toes inland. The rules today are 5 points for a Marlin, 2 points for any fish over 20lbs, 1 point for any fish under 20lbs, with the biggest fish of the day getting an extra 3 points. Points are converted to stroles and then subtracted from their gross golf scores to decide the winner. Shawn also gets 14 bonus strokes in the skins game. Shawn gets a great start landing a beautiful Dorado of well over 20lbs before Henry strikes back with an even bigger one. The fish just keep on coming and it isn't just Dorado with anglers catching Roosterfish and  Spanish Mackerel too. At the half way stage its a very tight match so its all to play for as they hit the golf course. Find out who wins, learn more about Shawn Farquhar and his rise to the top in magic, and enjoy the spectacular fishing from Cabo San Lucas in this all action episode of Fins and Skins. To watch just login or join


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