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UK Saltwater Fishing

The best of the island nation's saltwater action
In the thrilling finale of their quest for monster fish, James Stokoe, Ripon Khalique, and Hywel Morgan target the UK's most mysterious giant: the Bluefin Tuna. Absent from British waters for 60 years, these colossal fish, weighing up to 1500 pounds, have returned in numbers. Fishing out of Mevagissey in Cornwall, the trio enlists the help of local tuna legend Chris Gill, whose boat is among the few permitted to catch these endangered beasts under a conservation tagging programme. With James and Ripon having already caught their fish of a lifetime, it's Hywel's turn to end the series with a bang. But can he handle the power of one of the world's most sought-after sport fish?
James Stokoe, Ripon Khalique and Hywel Morgan tackle the Scottish coast in pursuit of the legendary monster Skate. Renowned as one of the UK's largest fish, these mysterious flat fish have been caught to over 9 feet long and 200 pounds in weight. Venturing into the deep and dangerous waters off Oban, known as the Skate mecca, they enlist local experts Leigh Taylor and Scott Patterson for guidance. From casting lures from the rocks for feisty pollack to dropping baits in 400 feet of water, the team encounters an abundance of marine life, but when a small fish gives Hywel a run for his money, James braces himself for a back-breaking battle when a true giant moves in on the bait. Through drama and laughs, the show explores how anglers like Scott and Leigh have brought this magnificent species back from the brink of extinction.
This series follows top UK sea anglers and charter skippers as they discuss the best boat and shore fishing opportunities in their region.
The 24-7 club of Plymouth visits one of the most profilic shore bass marks in Cornwall.  
Henry Gilbey joins Graham Hill for some high adrenaline estuary bait fishing for bass.  
The Fishing TV cameras join shore and boat anglers around the coast to find out what they are catching, and more importantly how!
Andy Ford heads to the north east coast of England for one of the biggest matches of any kind in Europe.  
Great tope, smoothound and bull huss fishing off Scotland, and an education in the need for conservation of these wonderful species.  
Fishing TV joins the 24-7 sea fishing club of Plymouth for a brilliant rock climbing and ray fishing adventure on the year's highest tide.  
Andy Ford presents a spotlight on what has to be one of the friendliest fishing events in the fishing calendar.  
Conditions for the 2013 prelude to the European Open were so bad it was nearly called off - but in match fishing there always has to be a winner....  
It's all action as Henry Gilbey and Graham Hill locate some great rough ground Irish bass.  


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