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South Sea Action

Enjoy a selection of Saltwater action from the Southern Hemisphere
As the large swells in January & February churn up the waters at Mtunzini, South Africa, it creates great conditions for rock and surf fishing from the beach. Mark De La Hey and friends offer up some great tips and advice on how to use fresh deadbait to catch large flatfish such as Brown Skate, Sand Shark or Diamond Rays.
The remote island of Bazaruto off Mozambique provides the latest destination for Mark De La Hey. He's fishing for the giant Black Marlin which can be found here.
Discovering new waters to fish is among the pinnacles of the fly fishing experience, and this saltwater flats fishery, Golden Bay, is just such a gem. Kingfish have a unique relationship with short-tailed stingrays, which they use as mobile cover, allowing them to ambush unsuspecting bait fish, earning them the name 'Ray-riders.' In this episode, local fishing guide Anton Donaldson is proud to share this amazing fishery, which he had a hand in discovering, with Fish and Game NZ representative, Julian Danby.
We're heading out to Hauraki Gulf where Mandy Kupenga leads a women's team against the men, in a full on Snapper shoot out. On this trip there's a twist.... they can only use lures. Good clean fun, longest Snapper of the day wins.
Targeting line-scorching Spanish mackerel on jigged metal lures is one of the most exciting games available in our tropical and sub-tropical waters. Dan is a master of this deadly technique, and willingly shares his wealth of knowledge including such sneaky tips as dispensing with wire altogether when the macks are being a bit fickle. Steve Starling then joins the crew of a charter boat off Eco Beach, south of Broome on the other side of the country, to chase a few Spaniards and shark mackerel on trolled hard-body lures. As well as plenty of great action, there are some invaluable tips on offshore lure trolling.  
Our team’s head out to White Island, an active volcano in the Bay of Plenty, in search of big fish... and they find them in the warm underwater currents. A no holds barred, adventurous escapade that see's the women's team headed by Mandy Kupenga up against the men, all trying to catch as many species as possible.
Threadfin salmon are amongst the most exciting, spectacular and unpredictable sportfishing targets encountered in tropical and sub-tropical inshore waters. It's hardly surprising that they're so keenly sought-after by serious fly and lure anglers. Join Bargy and Dan Power down towards the southern end of the threadfin's geographic range in south-eastern Queensland as the boys work the tide and bounce their soft vibe lures for these often elusive, tricky and surprisingly gently-biting fish.  
Starlo and Jo join SA Angler publisher Shane Mensforth on the fertile waters off South Australia's Yorke Peninsula to do one of their favourite things, hunt for big bad pink snapper on soft plastic lures and relatively light spinning tackle. You won't believe the action they experience, nor the size of some of the reds they tangle with! But best of all, you'll learn plenty about how to tap into this style of fishing yourself.  
Mark and his team head up to Canda Island in Mozambique, which offers a fantastic variety of fishing. Here they are targeting King Mackerel, but don't mind when the odd Kingfish or Tuna shows up.


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