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Fly Fishing Adventures

For those who like their fishing a bit rough around the edges and in hard to reach places
In season two of Hooké, Charles Cloutier and Alexis Pageau travel the wilds of Canada enjoying the best fly fishing in the world. The show not only shows the potential for angling, but explores the native cultures, business owners and conservationists keeping the countries wilderness and its traditions alive. We join the best anglers and guides of the industry, dry fly fishing for Atlantic salmon on the Cascapédia river, battling prehistoric Sturgeon in the wilderness, stalking Trout in the rainforests of British Columbia, competing for Striped Bass on the coast and even hunting seals with the Inuits. The perfect series for any fly fisher who hopes to visit this incredible part of the world.
The Selfish Generation explores the exhilaration and fragility of Atlantic Salmon fishing during the trip of a lifetime, as a group of diehard anglers and young protégé’s visit Russia’s remote and revered Yokanga River. Located deep in the Kola Peninsula, the remoteness and ruggedness of this recently established fishery is reflected in the power and size of its legendary Salmon. We hear from the pioneers who established fishing on the Yokanga; the mythical stories of monsters, wilderness and untapped sporting potential that inspired a generation. It encourages a sense of urgency, examining a loving but problematic relationship with an entire species at risk of extermination. At the centre of the trip are young anglers Ollie and Otto, hopeful representations of what the next generation needs to embody; a respect and responsibility for the environment not just for fishing, but for the planet. The Yokanga delivers on its reputation when young Otto hooks into a giant, exploding into the hardest battle his guides have ever witnessed. Starring Otto laine, Olli laine Alexey Strulistov, John Horlock, David Lambert, Matt Harris and Jasper Paakkonen, this film is a visually beautiful insight to the best of fly fishing.
Arapaima Gigas
In this new short film from Fly Fishing Nation, a handful of the worlds best fly anglers head into the heart of the Amazon in search of one of the biggest freshwater fish on the planet, the Arapaima! Decades of meat trading have made these prehistoric monsters rare in the wild. But, thanks to the famed Pirarucu Lodge on the Rio Mamiraua, Matt Harris, Stephan Dombaj and Ben Furimsky stand a chance for a giant Arapaima on the fly, something few have ever accomplished. Matt’s spent years of frustration at Pirarucu, but with massive fish rolling on the surface across the lake, there’s a real chance of a catch over 2 meters in length… the fish of a lifetime!
Iceland - volcanoes, glaciers, amazing trout and salmon fishing, and... surfing?! Ja (pron. "Yow") is Icelandic for "Yes", and is raw expression of exuberance. But for Shane Stalling - a fly fisherman from Montana - and his friend Elli Thor Magnusson - a surfer from Iceland - it is a feeling, a lifestyle. In this film they battle the harsh conditions, big fish, and big waves.  
The crunch of ice. The whistle of the arctic wind. The chill bite of frozen noses and fingers. Polar bears. Sled dogs. This is what comes to mind when we think of when the word “arctic.” You might want to add Arctic Char to that list. And maybe fly rods. The film takes a long, hard look at the remote Tree River lying sixty-six degrees north of the Equator. This is the real north – the hard north. Home to hordes of Arctic Char and other members of the salmonid family, the Tree is a vast, harsh river tinted with the silty, green tint of glacial melt. It is a frontier covered in ice, home to rivers that can drive the most passionate angler mad with anticipation.  
Remote reefs. Tropical fish. Crashing in a hammock. Wild boat rides. Lucha libre masks. Eight- to twelve-pound Bonefish. Sound like something you want in on? Welcome to Scorpion Reef. In November 2012, a group of anglers embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime voyage to one of the most remote reef systems in the Gulf of Mexico. Five atolls, known collectively as Alacranes Reef, are located 120 km due north of Progreso. The reef complex is 27 km (17 miles) long and 20 km (13 miles) wide with a total area of some 245 square km (153 square miles). Alacrán is an emergent platform-type reef that forms part of a group known as the Campeche Bank Reefs, so named because they are located along the outer shelf of the Campeche Bank. It is the largest reef in the entire southern gulf, as well as the most northerly in location. The reef has five vegetated islands associated with it, Isla Desterrada, Desertora, Pérez, Chica and Pájaros. There are no ferries or any sort regularly scheduled transportation to this reef. It has been said that the trip is not for the weak of heart. There are no installations for receiving people, so visitors MUST take their own water, food, tents and any other supplies. Once there, interlopers have to be careful to avoid injury all costs, as there are no doctors, hospitals or support and it takes many long hours to reach the mainland. The logistic issues and risks laid aside, bonefish are present. Boy, are they present. And hungry. Six men – WorldCast Anglers President Mike Dawes, Orvis CEO Perk Perkins, and guides Ryan Buccola, Bear Holeman, Jose Briceno and Alejandro “Sandflea” Vega joined RA Beattie on the trip into the badlands of the gulf. The motely crew proved more than up to the task, though adventures were had that changed each man for a lifetime.
In Search of Grande is a short but compelling story of two friends in the search for one of fly fishing’s ultimate prizes, a Grande Rooster fish. Taking place on the beaches of the Baha peninsular the two have to overcome many challenges in their goal of landing a really big Rooster from the beach. Spirits are pushed to the limit as things go from bad to worst for the two friends in a rollercoaster of emotions. This is a classic tale of how through grit and determination success can be obtained no matter what the adversity with some adrenaline fuelled fishing action to boot. To watch just login or register  
In 2012, the Scorpion Reef expedition took the fly fishing world by storm. A group of close friends – anglers from a variety of backgrounds and locales, pooled their talents for an exploratory trip to a remote atoll in the Gulf of Mexico. Scorpion Reef would be a hard trip to beat. In planning the next great adventure, the crew wanted to take crew member Alejandro “Sandflea” Vega Cruz, a Mexican from Isla Holbox, out of his element and show him something life changing. The result was an expedition into the heart of the Alaskan bush. The crew revisited an unknown and largely untouched river system – explored by RA Beattie and Alaska guide Mark Rutherford almost a decade earlier. Their intention? To target sportfish primarily with topwater lures.  What started off as a plan to expose Sandflea to the Great White North and enjoy a bit of camaraderie on new waters morphed into an adventure of epic proportions.
Deep in the Bolivian jungles, far from civilisation, accessable only by light aircraft and dugout canoes, are some of the most highly prized game fish in the world - golden dorado. But those who seek them must be hardy souls, and have strong stomachs...  
Only the River Knows is a fly fishing film exploring the often thin line between fact and fiction in the obsessive minds of anglers. When young trout bum Rolf Nylinder gets lost in New Zealand's backcountry, he finds the long-forgotten journal of legendary fly fisher Lars Lenth. The journal captures Rolf's imagination, and he sets out to relive the journal's marvellous tales of the monster trout living in the legendary Lethe River. But will he ever succeed in catching one, and who is the mysterious author Lars Lenth? Only the River Knows was awarded Best Story and Best Movie of all times at the 2013 Drake Awards, fly fishing film's equivalent to the Oscars. If you appreciate great cinematography, huge brown trout and a great fishing story, this is the film for you Register or login to watch this film
A fishaholic, with the permission of the local indigenous community, travels deep into the Columbian rainforest, once out-of-bounds to visitors, in search of hard-fighting peacock bass, a species that's growing in popularity with advenutre seeking fly anglers.  
NORTH ISLAND, New Zealand fly fishing is regarded by many as the holy grail for trout anglers, but it seems to be the South Island that gets all the glory. This Film follows seven fly fishermen, from different places and different walks of life, as they each explore a treasured corner of the North Island. This land of active volcanoes, rugged gorges and dense forests provides an epic backdrop for some of the best trout fishing on the planet. Although very different from its more well known neighbour the North Island backs up why New Zealand fly fishing is so highly rated by Trout fishermen no matter which of the two Islands you find yourself on. As the guys in this film get deeper into the wilderness the fish just keep getting bigger and bigger, and that just spurs them on around the next corner even more. As each story weaves into the fabric of the film it becomes evident that despite their differences the characters are all bound together by their passion for the back country. Starring Mike Davis, Rene vaz, Mike Kirkpatrick, Steve Sprague Andrew Harding, Cory Scott and Tony Hildesheim To watch just login or register (
The backcountry of New Zealand holds a special place in the heart of all Kiwis. “Going bush” is a national past time, and Kiwi fly fishers like nothing better than the sun on their backpack, the cold touch of a mountain stream and the opportunity to sight fishing to giant trout in pristine settings. The film follows six fly fishermen as they each explore a treasured corner of the South Island. This land of volcanoes, gorges and forests provides an epic backdrop for some of the best trout fishing on the planet. As each story weaves into the fabric of the film it becomes evident that, despite their differences, the characters are all bound together by their passion for the back country.  
Wild on the Fly is the TV series of the popular print magazine of the same name that showcases some of the best places to go fly fishing in the world. Narrated and produced by Jospeh Daniel, the magazine's editor, it is a 'where to' rather than a 'how to' how with an emphasis on the people, culture and nature of each destination. There's some spectacular fly fishing on show here from huge Taimen in Mongolia to Golden Dorado in Bolivia and an epic trip through Slovenia, Bosnia and Croatia. Fans of 'A River Runs Through It' will also enjoy the episode where they fish on the same rivers in Montana. A feast for the eyes, this show will have you adding destinations to your fly fishing bucket list frequently.
A Year in The Life follows 6 anglers as they visit some of the world's premier fly fishing destinations. We begin with renowned UK river angler and journalist, Paul Proctor as he introduces us to his favourite Icelandic River, the Minnivallalaekur. The Brown Trout here can grow to prodigous sizes with fish to 20lb caught every season, often on small dry flies, and this fact makes it the world's best trout river in many fly anglers eyes. This spring fed river boasts an incredible midge population and this is what these huge trout predominantly feed on. After landing a couple of stunning fish, Paul moves to the Laxa River, which depsite being more famous for Atlantic Salmon, can offer some incredible dry fly fishing for Brown Trout too. Next up, we join fly fishing instructor and guide, Mark Windsor on the stunning Christmas Island for some high quality saltwater fly fishing. As Mark explains, Christmas Island is a large island and has a huge amount of fishable coastline which pretty much guarantees that anglers are fishing virgin water. Trophy sized Bonefish, Giant Trevally, Trigger Fish, this island has it all inshore, as well as a huge variety of offshore species like Tuna, Wahoo and Sailfish. Mark lands a nice GT before showing us how to catch Trigger fish which is one of his favourite species on the fly. We then visit New Zealand's South Island where Paul Proctor gives us a great overview of the range of fly fishing there, before latching into a nice 7lb Brown on a small backcountry creek. Paul explains his approach to fly fishing here and what it takes to be successful and we see him put this into practice several times. Music mogul, Duff Batty is in Ascension Bay in Mexico and explains what makes this place so special for fly anglers. Local guide, Manuel Chac catches a stunning Bonefish in the Mangroves before discussing his true love, the Permit which also reside in the area. In fact Acension Bay, makes a claim to be the Permit capital of the world and offers agood opportunity to catch these illusive fish. Back in England, we meet Charles Jardine discusses his love affair with Chalk Streams. Fly Fishing Instructor, Gilly Bate explains how the water clarity makes fishing these streams such a unique experience and what draws anglers from allover the world to fish rivers like the Test and the Itchen. Charles is on the River Frome in Dorset, a beautiful and wild chalk stream, famed for its sizable Grayling and Charles doesn't let us down, catching a stunning 2lb plus fish. A Year in the Life is a visual treat which shows off some of the world's top fly fishing destinations, through the eyes of renowned anglers and is highly recommended.


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