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Seasonal Patterns

from Fishermans Handbook 2020

In this episode Wade looks at how fish behaviour changes throughout the seasons each year and how the angler must be aware of these changes and adapt accordingly. In Summer, fish will start pushing out to the ledges and dropoffs and into deeper water and often their feeding windows will be far reduced. Mike McClelland discusses thermoclines that appear in summer months and Jeff Reynolds enjoys some good sport fishing behind a thermocline. Many anglers are also hunters, so in Fall, lakes can be far less crowded opening up some great sport for anglers. Fish will move to shallow water eventually but its important not to rush there immediately and to find the areas they are holding at on their way in. In Winter as the water cools down, the fishing hots up and a wide array of baits comes into play and Wade discusses some you might want to focus on now. Fish will slow down in winter so fishing slowly on the bottom will also pay dividends now. Its important for anglers to recognise how seasonal changes will affect their local lakes to ensure success throughout the year.


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