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Winning Ways

Between them, Andy May and Jamie Hughes have won 4 out of the last 6 'Fish O Manias' and are regarded as two of the very best match anglers in the country. They've got together to produce a series of instructional videos that deal with all aspects of successful match fishing - preparation, bait and tackle selection, which tactics to use and when to change them - enabling you to share some of their secrets and improve your own match fishing skills.
The roles are reversed for this session on Cudmore Fisheries, as Andy May gets to sit in the hot seat whilst Jamie Hughes gets to ask the questions. Andy has chosen to fish on Moors Canal so that he can demonstrate his approach to fishing snake lakes on the pole. He starts by fishing to the far bank, finding a depth of about 20 - 22", where he knows he's going to catch smaller fish at first, but doesn't mind as he thinks these will attract the bigger fish. He also baits up in the middle of the lake, and fishes shallow there once he decides its time to switch. To watch this video now, just login or register
A slight change of format for this episode as Jamie Hughes and Andy May discuss the the decisions and tactics that they would apply to a specific venue, in this case Weston Pools in Oswestry. And rather than them both fishing different pegs, here Andy spends the session sitting behind Jamie asking him all the questions that you would like to ask a 3 times Fish O Mania champion. Fishing the Weirpool, a lake he knows very well, Jamie decides the best tactic to maximise his weight is to target Carp & F1s. So he's using pellet, 4mm & 6mm to be precise, but he plays a waiting game feeding very little at first. As the fish to warm up his options increase and he takes advantage of the great fishing to be had at Weston Pools. To watch this video now, just login or register
Jamie Hughes and Andy May are at Manley Old Hall Fishery, Cheshire. It's late February, so the guys are looking at early season tactics for open water at commercial lakes. They advise on choosing the best swim, for the conditions you find on the day. Bait selection - Andy starts on the pellet cone and then moves to the maggot feeder and Jamie recommends a slow sinking bait such as pellet or maggots to attract the fish through the water, as well as on the bottom. They talk tackle, matching your rod and reel to fit the job, using a small pole pot for maximum bait accuracy and how to plumb the depths in the margins before dobbing. To watch this video now, just login or register
2016 'Fish O Mania' champion Andy May is on his own in this episode, at Partridge Lakes Fishery, on their Gold Lake. He's tackling one of his favourite subjects - Targeting Silvers on Commercial Lakes in Autumn. He demonstrates all the tactics he uses to fish at 3 different lengths. Short - at 6m he is casting castors by hand. At 13m he uses groundbait and then when the fish are a bit warey of the pole, uses a waggler as an alternative. At each stage he carefully explains how to prepare baits, select and set up rigs and when, where and how to change tactics. His reward is a lovely mixed bag of Skimmers, Roach and F1s.
In the first episode of this new series, Andy May and Jamie Hughes are on Heronbrook Fishery to demonstrate their approach to fishing Snake Lakes early in the year, when the fish can behave inconsistently. They take you through the basics of how to set up your equipment in the peg for maximum comfort and efficiency. The merits and preparation of various baits including bread, corn, maggots and pellet. And then showing how all of these can best be used, testing the water by dobbing bread, feeding pellet to the far bank, sweetcorn in deeper water down the middle and feeding maggots. At each stage they explain what rigs they are using and the watercraft involved. Plenty of tips from two top matchmen.
Top match anglers Jamie Hughes and Andy May are on the Arena Lake at Cudmore fishery where they are concentrating on tips for early summer. Up in the water tactics, shallow water and margin fishing. Andy goes for a catch-all approach of casters short and then targets the bigger carp, going long with pellet. Jamie tries the opposite fishing pellet short and then down the margins. At each stage they carefully explain their reasoning behind their choice of baits, rigs and location.
There are some venues that we can't wait to fish once Summer arrives and Larford Lakes is one of them, known for its large carp. In this episode Jamie Hughes and Andy May show their approach to catching these big fish. Andy uses rod and line at distance and then waggler fishing in open water, whilst Jamie explains that there are certain baits that will get you bigger fish and paste is one of them.
Andy May and Jamies Hughes are at Barston Lakes, a typical open water venue and its summer so they are after the bigger fish. This time they have left their poles at home and are concentrating on rod and line tactics. They discuss which waggler to select for different conditions, how to prepare your pellets for use with bomb and waggler. Show how method feeders have evolved. At each stage they carefully explain the process and catch some lovely fish.
Autumn Commercials
Champion matchmen Andy May and Jamie Hughes are at Lloyds Meadow fishery to show how to approach a commercial water in Autumn. Now that the weather is turning cooler it's a case of catching anything that swims and to that end Andy demonstrates using maggots and casters close in, then balls of micro pellets further out. Jamie shows how to cope with windy conditions, then talks about peg management and how to get the best out of the water in front of you, where to start, when and where to change. Then he goes on to demonstrate "negative tight feeder fishing".... don't worry, all will become clear.
Winter F1s
Jamie Hughes is on his own in this episode and he is at Monkhall Fishery dealing with one of his favourite topics, how to catch F1s on snake lakes in winter. Here he goes into much more detail than any "How to" video before, giving the viewer their own private tutorial. The snake lake at Monkhall is typical of those found at all the other major venues and Jamie demonstrates how to cope with the steep slopes encountered when fishing the far bank. In winter he keeps things simple using only 3 contrasting baits, maggots, bread and fishery micro pellets and shows which rigs to use for all of these. Excellent instruction from the 3 time 'Fish O Mania' Champion.


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