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Share in the future of FishingTV

Do you run a fishing related blog or website? Become a FishingTV Partner today!

Fishing TV is growing fast, and we want to work with others in the online fishing community to spread the word about our platform and amazing programming, and to share in our success.

To this end we have launched a Partner Program, which will reward you (in cash!) for referring users from your website to FishingTV.

How it works

When you sign up to become a Fishing TV Partner you will have access to a range of advert images that you can place on your website. These will link automatically to our website. We have a range of adverts for you to choose from, so you can select the one that best suits your site’s layout and content. We can also produce bespoke ones for your site upon request.

When someone clicks on one of these adverts a 60 day cookie will be added to the user’s browser.

If this user then goes on to register with Fishing TV at any point in the following 60 days, they will be tagged in our database as having been referred by your site.

When that user then goes on to purchase Fishing TV tokens at any point in the following 12 months you will receive 10% of that purchase value as a commission for referring them. Simple!

When you become a partner you’ll have access to a real-time report on your earnings, so you can keep track of how much money you’re making by referring people to Fishing TV.

Once you have become a Partner we will also provide you with tokens to watch and review any of our content that may take your fancy – simply email

When you have earned £50 of commission you can then request a payout, to be paid via paypal or bank transfer.

Sign Up Today!

Joining the partner program couldn’t be easier – just follow this link and fill out the form!

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