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Day One Outdoors

Join self-taught outdoorsman Cody Herman as he passes on some of the skills he has picked up over the years, with a particular focus on his home waters of Oregon and the rich rivers and coasts of the Pacific Northwest. If you've ever wanted to learn how to target salmon, steelhead and trout, or halibut on spinners and bait, or how to harvest shrimp and clams then this is for you.
Cody Herman and his friends are gearing up for the fall run of Chinook and Coho up the to the Columbia River estuary, but unusual climatic and ocean current conditions mean that they’ve got to consider whether to fish with bait or spinners.  
The Pacific Northwest is not known for largemouth bass fishing, but despite this, there is some of the best largemouth fishing in the USA to be found there. Cody was on the bass fishing team at college, and in this episode he meets up with an old teammate for some springtime sport. They focus on pre-spawn fish, using a variety of patterns to maximise their chances. Cody takes the time to explain why they fish the areas that they do, and why they chose their tactics.  
Cody and the team are competing with sea lions, other anglers and adverse weather conditions to snag themselves a March Chinook salmon from the Columbia River.  
Cody's on the saltwater (and sand flats) of Neah Bay to try his hand at raking clams, catching spotted shimps, and bottom fishing for the much-prized halibut.  
Oregon offers great opportunities for fishing, but surf perch are often overlooked. They’re big, hard fighting fish and should offer some great sport. Cody’s never had much luck with beach fishing, but he’s enlisted the help of an old friend this time.  
Cody’s visiting the steelheading Mecca of the Olympic Peninsular and he’s got one thing on his mind – to catch an elusive 20lb steeler. Along the way he looks at what techniques can help when fishing unfamiliar water, what to look for when searching out a fishing spot, and how to negotiate rapids when drifting in an unfamiliar river.
After a tough first visit to the Olympic Peninsular earlier in the year Cody is determined to learn from his previous mistakes to increase his chances of connecting with steelhead. High, coloured water means that he’s got to review his tactics.  
Cody's heading to the Seattle area for some springtime fishing for Kokanee. He meets up with the local experts on American Lake to find out what works for these picky lake salmon, including the man known as the 'Kokanee Kid'. After a day to practice, the gloves come off and its time for a fish-off - which of the experts will triumph?  
Rogue River Spring Chinook salmon up to 40lb – sounds like heaven, right? That’s why Cody cancelled a trout fishing trip and dropped everything to head to the river when they heard the salmon were running.  


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